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How It Works
1. Research
You'll email a copy of your current resumé information, and 2-3 job ads for the kind of positions you'll be applying for so that we can write a resumé that will position you for success in your field.

2. Consultation
After reviewing your existing resumé and job targets we contact you if necessary with any additional questions we need to know. The more information you provide, the more we have to work with in creating your resumé and cover letter, so it's best to answer these questions in as much detail as possible.

3. Results
We return the completed results in typically 2-3 business days with a summary of the work done to it.

Example of our Editing work
We are pleased to show you samples of our
resume service work completed for past clients so that you can see firsthand the kinds of we create on a daily basis.

The abbreviated samples shown are taken from actual client work, but personal information and business names have been altered to protect client confidentiality. Our work for you will be more detailed and may be presented somewhat differently, since content, presentation, format, and length are highly individual.

Example: CFO Position - Resume Editing
resume services sample work Before          resume services sample work After
resume services sample work Our Comments on his Resume

Example of our Resume & Cover Letter Critique Service
resume services sample work Sample #1 - Resume Critique
resume services sample work Sample #2 - Cover Letter Critique

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