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Terms, Conditions, and Agreement

By purchasing any product and/or service from ResumeScorecard, you (the customer) agree to the following:

The customer acknowledges that documents shall be sent to them via email in Microsoft Word or in Adobe PDF file formats.

The customer agrees that ResumeScorecard is not responsible for delays caused by the customer's delays in getting necessary information to ResumeScorecard, intermittent unavailability of materials, acts of God, weather, fire, strikes, war, governmental regulations, computer problems (either by ResumeScorecard or Client), e-mail delivery problems, or any other causes beyond the control of ResumeScorecard.

The truthfulness of any information submitted by the customer to ResumeScorecard is the customer’s complete responsibility. ResumeScorecard will not be held accountable for reproducing any inaccurate information that is submitted to us by a customer.

Any illegal action that is pursued through the use of materials/products prepared by ResumeScorecard is not our responsibility.

The Client agrees to pay ResumeScorecard reasonable costs of enforcement for collection if it is necessary for ResumeScorecard to retain an attorney and/or institute legal proceedings against the customer.

ResumeScorecard will not begin work on any services the customer has ordered from us until their payment has cleared. Any orders with an incorrect sum of payment received will not be started on until the entire due payment has been received and cleared. Any delay in the delivery of a product or service that results from time needed for payment to clear is not the responsibility or fault of ResumeScorecard.

The customer understands that all items purchased are creative products or services. Should the customer change their mind or if they made a purchase in error then requests for a refund must be emailed to ResumeScorecard with an explanation. In this case ResumeScorecard will issue a refund minus an administrative fee of 25% of the total paid or $10 which ever is greater. No refund however will be granted after work has already been started on a client's project or if a product has already been sent to the customer.  ResumeScorecard is not responsible for any technical or difficulties the customer may have in contacting ResumeScorecard to request a refund or any technical or other difficulties the customer may have in receiving documents or items from us.


ResumeScorecard makes no guarantee regarding the amount of time necessary to complete and deliver a product after the customer makes a purchase. In the vast majority of cases, customers can expect to receive the results of their completed project or product(s) within 3 business days of their payment having cleared. However, due to extreme volumes or other factors, it may take longer.

While we believe that our service can in most instances greatly improve a customer's chances, ResumeScorecard does not however guarantee that desired interviews or jobs will be secured by the customer as a result of our services since there are far too many other factors involved throughout the job search process that are beyond our control. For example, we will not be held accountable for a customer's lack of qualifications or ineffective job search efforts on their part.

The customer acknowledges that the quality of our end products can only be as good as the information our consultants are provided with. In other words the work of even the best resume services professional will be limited if the customer doesn’t provide adequate information to work from. Accordingly, it is important that the customer submits to us as much pertinent information as possible immediately after placing their order.


After making a payment, the customer will be directed to a webpage indicating confirmation that their order was received. ResumeScorecard is not responsible for any technical difficulties the customer may have in displaying this page. The customer also acknowledges that ResumeScorecard is not obliged to make any further confirmations such as by email or telephone.


ResumeScorecard may use any or all of the emails given to it by the customer as a means to communicate and send completed products to the customer.


The customer agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes any portion of our service or products.

ResumeScorecard is not liable or responsible for any viruses inadvertently transmitted nor liable for any damages resulting from such transmission. It is the responsibility of users of our services to remain vigilant to prevent transmitting viruses to us and to prevent viruses from coming into contact with their own computers. 

ResumeScorecard may make changes in information about price and service details without notice.


ResumeScorecard may suspend or limit service to any customer that is abusive or discourteous towards our staff.


Customers are our top priority so if there is any problem with the order they should contact us in an appropriate manner first and we will do everything we possibly can to fix it. If the customer initiates a chargeback with their credit card company or PayPal for an order they placed without attempting to resolve the issue with us first as per our policies, they will be assessed a $25 fee to cover the time and expense that we have to invest in investigating and proving that they made the purchase, received services, and failed to make proper efforts to resolve the problem with our company. Unpaid chargeback fees will be referred to a collections agency. Chargebacks that appear to be motivated by fraud (i.e. false claims of non-receipt) will be immediately referred to law enforcement for investigation and prosecution.  ResumeScorecard will respond appropriately to those that use a credit card chargeback, PayPal dispute, or some other hostile remedy as their first choice for problem resolution.

By making payment to use our service the customer acknowledges that they have read the TERMS, CONDITIONS, and AGREEMENT above and that completion of the purchase process constitutes their electronic signature. In addition they agree with the terms and conditions noted above and authorize the work to begin this date.

ResumeScorecard's Privacy Commitment - Overview

In all the following, we will use our best efforts:

The only information we collect is contact information and other career related information (career history, educational background, and other relevant information) to prepare career documents, to contact customers if more information is needed, and to send materials back to our customers, and also any information required to receive and process payment from the customer. In addition, from time to time, we offer optional surveys to our clients or website visitors for such purposes as assessing their interests and needs or their perception of our service. The use of the information collected will be explained in in the survey itself.

The only information we collect about you is the information that you supply to us through enquiry, forms and any email you send us.

Use of Personal Information:
Personal information will only be collected for the purposes of:
- Processing any orders that you have made.
- Answering any general queries you have.

Please note that we don't send unsolicited email.

We may disclose information if we believe in good faith it is appropriate in order to cooperate in investigations of fraud or other illegal activity, or to conduct investigations of service disagreements.

External links:

This site contains helpful links to other career-related sites, and we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these websites.


We will not include anything in the resumes and other documents we work on that we know or suspect is false.


We will not do any work or make any change that we do not feel is necessary (unless such change is specifically asked for by the client). In other words we will not recommend any change that is not necessary in order to get more orders and we will not do things on the documents just to look like we did a lot in order to justify the price charged. (We try to make the client happy however so if the client has certain preferences and they specifically ask us to make a particular change then we will do so but with an note to them that we do not feel that such change was actually necessary.)


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