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Tips to getting your resume back faster

(Yes, some of these tips might seem like common sense to some but we do get all sorts of questions and concerns from time to time.)

1) If you use a different name & email when you pay through PayPal compared to the name and email you use to send us your old resume information to work on, then let us know right away.  Before sending your completed work to you, we verify that you have paid and if the names and emails don't match and you don't tell us then this will likely result in needless delay.


2) Make sure you check your emails regularly for our results. You may have several email addresses that you use and some you may use regularly and some you check only occasionally.  Make sure you give us your regular email or else check your other email more often for a while if you use that one with us. Also make sure the email on your resume is current. Common sense dictates that you will include the prefered method of employment related correspondence on your resume (i.e. it will hinder your job search if you use an outdated email or an email you don't check often on your resume). So if your resume is old and the email is no longer one you use then let us know.

3) Ensure that your email's spam filters are not going to block out our email or block out word document attachments. Probably 90% of delays in receiving the new resume are because of this so please take this seriously.  For example, if you receive emails from us but haven't received an email with your resume then this is a very obvious clue that your email is blocking attachments! Consider providing us with alternate emails that we can send your resume to. Don't just assume it takes one or two clicks of a mouse to enable attachments either - Check with the tech support pages for yahoo, or Gmail, etc. to get instructions on how to make sure that attachments are not blocked. Certain email providers have aggressive spam filters or  are often inconsistent and sometimes block emails and sometimes don't, so consider providing us with a different email if that is the case.

4) As our instructions say - Email your documents in Microsoft Word or text format. If you send the files as something other than Word (i.e. WordPerfect or Works, etc.) and we can't open the document then we will end up spending time asking you to resubmit the documents in the proper format.  If you send the file as a PDF or image file and expect us to retype the resume for you then again we may end up spending time asking you to resubmit the documents in the proper format or else we will ask you to pay an additional fee for us to retype the document and we will end up needing more time to return the work to you.

5) Make sure your computer, internet software, and email software is in good working order and you know how to use it!  We are not responsible for delays caused by any computer or e-mail delivery problems you might experience.


6) After you purchase our services, send us your info ASAP. If you delay sending us necessary info then it takes that much longer to get the results back to you.


7) Note: We are not responsible for delays caused by acts of God, weather, fire, strikes, war, governmental regulations, or any other causes beyond our control.


8) Remember that a standard length resume is 1 to 3 pages and a cover letter is 1.  So if you send us an 8 page resume, don't expect it to be completed as quickly as a standard length resume. Simple common sense will dictate that this will take a bit longer.


9) If you need to contact us with an enquiry then it is not necessary to leave more than one message. We keep our costs down by eliminating frills and non-value adding costs so there is no receptionist just sitting there waiting by the phone - we only have resume and bookkeeping professionals on staff. Our staff might be busy working on a resume when you call, in which case please leave a message and when someone is free they will respond to you. We are generally able to return calls and emails quickly but don't panic just because no one answered or no one called you back within a few short minutes. Also please do not ask for us to give you an update every hour or so or to give repeated confirmations that we received your info - our consultants will get your project done more quickly if they don't have to stop repeatedly to tell you that they are still working on your resume and if we did not receive your resume soon after receiving your payment we will contact you. 


10) If you choose to pay via eCheck, then note that we do not begin working on your resume until the funds clear our PayPal account. Since an eCheck is an electronic funds transfer that withdraws money directly from your bank account, PayPal holds this transaction as pending for 3-4 business days and sometimes longer, until the electronic funds transfer has cleared both banks.

11) It is an unnecessary waste of time to email us asking how you can email us your resume since if you send us such an email then you just answered your own question!


12) Although this point is not directly related to getting your resume back sooner, we would like to remind you that if you have an application deadline looming, don't wait until a day or two before hand to purchase our resume service. It is best to get your resume revised as early as possible.


13) Be proactive and do something if you are having IT difficulties. For example, it may be embarrassing to admit that you are having trouble but don't just keep emailing us over and over again insisting that your email couldn't possibly be a problem and that such a thing might happen to others but could never happen to you.  Going into a state of denial is not going to fix the problem. Please actually take steps to fix your IT issue or get a an IT savvy friend to help you. If you can't receive emails with attachments, remember spam filters do not block out going emails so the problem is on your receiving end.


14) We understand that you might be out of a job and times might be tough but insults and threats are not helpful. If your email isn't working for example then bad language, threats and unreasonable demands are not the solution. Instead keep your emotions under control and focus on taking positive steps to correct your problem then email us once you have resolved the tech issue and we will resend your resume.

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