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Essay Editing

Our essay editing staff consists of former college professors and professional newspaper editors

Sage advice like this is priceless.

essay editing help
Academic / Essay Editing

We ensure that important documents (Theses, essays, research papers, proposals, stories, articles, reports, letters, speeches, presentations, etc.) are free of errors.

Get an extra set of eyes to check your document. We will make sure your document is 100% error free.

Our staff have Master's degree's.

We fix your work to make it coherent, tight, well-thought, and succinct. Ineffective or awkward passages are redone. We edit or rewrite your work for tone, flow, structure, presentation and style.

We evaluate your work on clarity, organization and consistency. Our professional editors will check that your document conveys the intended message effectively.

We provide a detailed report that explains our proofreading changes, highlights any outstanding issues, and recommends ways to improve your writing.

Turnaround times are typically less than two days.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our editing, we will do a second re-edit for FREE!

All details of the customer and the work are kept in the strictest confidence.

We check, correct, and modify:

• Spelling, grammar, tense, punctuation
• Subject/verb agreement, misused prepositions, dangling participles, misplaced modifiers
• Inconsistencies
• Slang/colloquialisms, sexism, racism, or other pejorative language
• Font/margins/spacing
• Footnotes/endnotes
• Treatment of numbers
• Run-on sentences
• Wordiness
• Awkward constructions, vague language
• Misused words
• Cross-references
• Organization
• Redundancy, passive voice, wordiness, poor diction
• Sentence structure (syntax, variety, clarity)
• Paragraph structure (organization, length, coherence, transitions)
• Organization (logic, unity, structure, transitions, summaries)
• Headings
• Electronic glitches (word breaks for no reason, poor spacing)
• Style, language, and structure
• And much more...

Highly affordable:  pages @ $6.50 per page

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