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The Resume Scorecard evaluates your resume on 109 criteria and your cover letter on 28 more. Below is an abbreviated sample of just some of the items that the Scorecard looks into.

Critique For: John Doe






Below Average

- There is too much mixing of fonts
- You should incorporate more white space between sections to facilitate skimming
- There are several instances of overly lengthy phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. You should break these up into bullet points so that it will be easier for employers to skim your resume and see key points quickly


- Verb tense is incorrect in some cases. Past tense should be used for positions in the past and present tense should only be used for your present position
- You use same action verbs over and over. A little more variety would be helpful
- You should highlight key items more (such as job titles) through additional bolding, changing text case, enlarging print, etc.
- You use the words 'also' and 'additionally' too often. The use of bullet points should help alleviate this problem

Above Average

- You have picked the best format (chronological) for your circumstances to present yourself in the most positive light
- Your resume likely could present the same facts if it were shortened. Try to stick to 2 pages

Below average

- Include more detail if you can. Position descriptions can include breadth/depth of responsibility, achievements, skills developed, etc
- There unexplained time gaps that need to be explained better here or in the cover letter
- Add your name and phone number to header of the 2nd page so that if the pages get seperated, then the employer can still contact you
- Make the objective statement less self centered. It also needs to be more concise - try moving a couple of points from here to the cover letter

Well Above Average

- Your cover letter adds value to your resume! It goes beyond simply restating your resume


- You need to stress your accomplishments and skills, rather than dull responsibilities and job duties
- Prioritize your points! The most responsible tasks should be listed first (even if they occupied only a small percentage of your time)


- Your resume has room for improvement. You should concentrate your efforts especially on listing your accomplishments rather than tasks and duties. This more than anything else will help make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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