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BPlan Advice

Former Venture Capital experts answer candidly suggest how to improve your business plan.

Sage advice like this is priceless.

Business Plan Review Scorecard

Venture capitalists receive hundreds of business plans reviewing most plans in less than two minutes to decide which few will get funded - make sure yours stands out. We have MBA's who will break down your plan and offer suggestions on how to make it stronger.

Does your business plan have the "right stuff" to get funded?
Are there missing components of your plan that VCs & private investors look for?
Is the Market Opportunity outlined effectively?
Does the format effectively communicate implementation strategies as an attractive investment opportunity?

Each completed analysis includes:
Thorough review of your business plan given your industry and funding requirements
Discrete analysis of the major sections of your plan including:

Format & Layout style Executive Summary
Market Opportunity Implementation Strategy
Competitive Intelligence Opportunities and Risk
Marketing Strategy Human Resources (Mgmt Team & Organization)
Financials Strategic Viability (using Porter's 5 forces model)

Concrete recommendations for overall improvements and each section.
Recommendations are included for each section.
Increase your chances of success by incorporating the recommendations provided.

The firm analyzes business plans using a proprietary methodology. Our scoring process is derived from our interviews with venture capitalists and augmented with the knowledge experience of our experts in business plan development and management consulting.

Key points to consider and key items to remember to include in your plan are shown is a checklist format. Our analysis however goes far beyond this and so room for comments and recommendations is also present. Care is taken to include helpful notes, provided in the margins of the plan itself highlighting concerns in specific areas.

Results are typically completed with about a week.




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