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Career Advice

Former recruitment agency experts answer employment questions, candidly suggesting how to negotiate your salary, find a really good job, handle phone interviews, and more.

Sage advice like this is priceless.

Tips for getting the best results on your resume

1) After you purchase our services, send us all the relevant info you can such as career goals, salary targets, job ads, job descriptions, performance reviews, current and old versions of resumes, etc.. Even a short paragraph about extra stuff is fine - we will decide what is relevant and what is not and also how to phrase it on the resume. If you do not provide us with much new info, that can limit what we can do to an extent.


2) Have a concern regarding the work you received back? Give productive feedback. Click here for some tips on this.

More Q & A:


Q: Why do you save the cover letter and resume together as one file?

A: We think of things from the point of view of the recruiter. When you are applying for a job the last thing you want to do is annoy the hiring managers. You don't want to waste their time. It is easy to miss this point because sending two files seems like such a small thing but remember they are looking at many resumes a day and a bit of wasted time multiplied over and over adds up quickly.  For example, let's say a hiring looks at 120 resumes a day.  Instead of opening up one file lets say everyone sends them their resume and cover separately so they must now spend an extra 30 seconds opening up, maybe printing, and then closing the second file. So 120 X 30 seconds = 1 hours a day just spent clicking away needlessly! For this reason we save the resume and cover letter together.  Now if you really want the files separately that's ok but also consider that if that is all you want changed then taking a minute to do it yourself is quicker than spending 5 minutes writing us an email saying you want us to do it for you and then waiting until we get back to you at the end of the day.


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