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Writing a great resume

Here's your guide to writing a great resume.

Not too short but not too long either

Include all the relevant info but do so concisely. Avoid long-winded phrases or unnecessary text. Begin statements with action verbs, and use bullet points when listing duties and achievements rather than using a narrative style.

Don't be modest!

Sell yourself to the employer.

Target your resume to your audience

If necessary make minor changes to your resume each time you apply for a job so that it can emphasize the particular skills and experience required by each position.

Anticipate objections ahead of time

Look at your resume with a critical eye and if you spot any potential problems then deal with it. Provide extra explanation or word things so as to minimize these issues.

Make it perfect

Spell check and make sure there are no typos. Get someone to proofread your resume every time you make changes to it.

Basics of what to include:

Personal info

This should be at the very top and should include your name, address, phone number(s), and email address.


A summary is where you can quickly highlight your top couple skills. This should be tailored to job ad.


Always use a reverse chronological resume.

For each position list start and end dates, job title, and then a bullet point list of responsibilities and achievements.

Professional memberships

If you are a member of any professional association then include this section, otherwise leave it out.


List all relevant education.

Hobbies and Interests

Include hobbies and interests where you may have developed skills that are transferable to the job (i.e. Acting as a captain on a sports team builds leadership skills).


Simply write "referees are available upon request". The references are best done later in the process.

Cover letter

Always write a concise, one page covering letter indicating why you are interested in the position.

Sum up your major skills next tailoring this as much as possible to the job ad.

Close by expressing your interest in an interview and giving your contact number.

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