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Relocation Cover Letter

Relocation cover letters are a little different from other cover letters

Job hunting in another city presents special challenges so a carefully crafted relocation cover letter becomes especially important. Employers much prefer locals for all but senior or difficult-to-fill positions.

Relocation Cover Letter Considerations

Employers wish to avoid potential relocation costs or costs of flying a person in for an interview (they will likely do a first interview with out of town candidate over the phone instead). Employers will also may also wonder if the out of town person will be available to move in and start quickly.

However a good relocation cover letter will increase your chances of getting the interview. Here are some tips for making a good relocation cover letter:

Relocation Cover Letter Tip #1: Internal transfers

If your current employer has a branch location in the city you wish to move to then see if you can get an internal transfer. The HR department can explain the proper procedure to follow to do this.

Relocation Cover Letter Tip #2: Use an alternate address

If you have a friend or relative in the city you want to move to then see if you can use their address on your relocation cover letter. This solves the bias against out of town candidates, but means you need to be available to quickly travel if you are called for an interview.

How to write a good relocation cover letter

Relocation cover letters should clearly explain your intention to move to a particular city on a specific date. Due to the typical reluctance to give interviews to non-locals, you might need to follow up on your relocation cover letter with additional reminder letters or phone to secure an interview.

The last word about your relocation cover letter

It is especially important to personalize the letter and demonstrate a special motivation to work for the company receiving your relocation cover letter.

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