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Job Search Abroad

Q: What is the best way to conduct a long distance job search from abroad?

A: Employers often look more seriously at applicants that are already be situated close to them. So as much as possible, convey your readiness to meet for interviews and give them the impression that this is convenient and easy for you to do even on short notice.

Some go so far as to ask a friend or family member living in the target city if they can put their friend’s phone number and address on a resumé and cover letter so that an employer does not hesitate to call because of the possible inconvenience and cost of a long distance hire. The friend then conveys any messages to the job seeker’s actual address.

Another approach requires planning trips to the target city with advanced notice to recruiters and firms of interest that you would like to meet them when you are there.

How people will respond has a lot to do with the skills you have to offer them. The more qualified you are, the more willing the company will be to see you even if you don't currently live nearby. So apply only to those you are a close match to and also take the time to carefully prepare your resume to make it very targeted to the particular employer and job ad.

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