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Career Advice

Former recruitment agency experts answer employment questions, candidly suggesting how to negotiate your salary, find a really good job, handle phone interviews, and more.

Sage advice like this is priceless.

Improve your interview technique:

  • Lack confidence in your ability to handle an important job interview?
  • Not sure how to handle difficult interview questions and give convincing answers?
  • Haven't had much practice recently with interviewing?
  • Have specific problem area you are worried about? [Such as being considered too old or too young, over or under qualified, how to get promoted to a management level job, how to change careers or return to work, etc.]

How can Resume Scorecard help you improve your interview technique?

  • Our consultants come from a recruitment / HR background and have many years of experience in interviewing people such as yourself and know what questions the interviewer will ask.
  • We provide specific advice to help you prepare for difficult questions.

Our Mock Interview Software

Consider our Interview Advice Service. It takes you through a real interview by asking you a series of probing interview questions, just like a real interviewer would. After each question it provides you with feedback on your answer. Developed by our consultants who are highly experienced in interviewing and come from a recruitment / HR background.

Our Interview Technique Service:

If you are worried about specific areas then our consultant can help you prepare for questions on these problems. We can help you address concerns such as being considered too old or too young, being considered over or under qualified, changing careers, or returning to work after after a prolonged absence of some kind, etc. Our service can help you perfect your interview technique and get the job you desire.

More interview help:

If you feel you could use some professional advice then visit our interview help service

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