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Interview Invitation

Situation: Expecting a Call That Doesn't Come

Q: The employer said they would call me in roughly a week's time but it now two weeks and I haven't heard anything from them.  What should I do?

A: Not getting a follow-up call, as promised, happens more than you think. Candidates are told a decision will be made by a certain time and the candidate is sure they will get an offer or a second interview, but then, they hear nothing. This is not only frustrating for the candidate - "Does this mean they don't want to hire me or interview me again?" - but it also reflects poorly on the company.

Your Follow-Up Strategy to get an interview invitation:
If you don't get a return call as promised, contact them and leave a message. A phone call or a even a quick email can work. Be prepared, professional and courteous. Try to reach the person at least once, telling them that you appreciate them having met with you, that you are very much interested in the position, you are available to answer and further questions or concerns they might have, and that you would appreciate it if they could get back to you on the next steps.

If you have another offer from a different company and need to make a decision soon then explain in your message that you would like to know your status before you consider the other position because this company is your first choice. Do not bluff the employer to make them move faster by saying that you have a competing offer if you do not - this could back fire on you if the employer is not prepared to rush.

There is a fine line between being persistent and being a pest. Do not contact them repeatedly with requests for information on your status.

Most employers understand that candidates will be anxious about their status and will let them know in a timely manner. But, there are employers who do keep candidates waiting and wondering what happened, even though they said they would call by a certain date. There could be a legitimate reason they haven't gotten back to you but do consider that this may be a hint as to the company's practices and consider whether you really want to work for this company.

In the meantime, if you don't get a timely answer, consider that this just might be their way of saying 'No'.  Rather than sitting and waiting for a phone call that may never come, continue to work on your job search.

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