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Interview Etiquette

During an interview, there will be moments when proper etiquette is needed.

General tips
Speak clearly. An interviewer shouldn't have to ask you to repeat yourself.

Establish eye contact when speaking during the interview.

Use good posture. Slouching will make you appear disrespectful and not interested.

Using the interviewer's name occasionally builds rapport but don't use it too often as to appear overly friendly and non-professional.

Thank the interviewer
Show that you understand and appreciate the value of their time. thank them at the end of the interview and later that evening or early the next day, send a short thank-you note via email.

Be prepared
Taking time to learning about the employer's company is a sign of interest and respect for their time. The interviewer works for this company so it's a big part of his/her life thus interest in their company will be flattering to them.

Speak respectfully of past employers and coworkers
disparage past employers or coworkers. The interviewer wasn't there and so can't confirm whether your employer was an idiot or if you have an attitude problem. The employer will wonder what you will say about them in the future too. The interviewer may not want to take a chance on hiring you.

Never lie
Don't lie or wildly exaggerate your skills or experience.

A lack of proper etiquette is impossible to miss. You do not want this to be the thing the interviewer remembers most about your interview.

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