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Avoid These Cover Letter Mistakes

Many job seekers hurt their chances by accompanying their resumes with poor cover letters. Some employers mighty not bother reading cover letters but most do. Don't make these mistakes:

Not addressing the employer's needs
Your cover letter, like your resume, should tell the employer about yourself but make clear how your experience relates to the employer's needs and the specified job requirements.

Typos and grammatical errors
Typos and grammatical errors will be seen as evidence of carelessness and poor communication skills so proofread every letter you send.

Not supporting your claims
Too many cover letters say things like "Posses strong communication skills" without giving examples anywhere on the cover letter or resume to back this up.

Long blocks of text
Employers get many resumes and cover letters while their time is limited so they may initially only skim your document sorting it into a pile that warrants more attention or one that will be trashed. So you need to make sure your letter is concise and key points can be seen quickly and easily.

Writing too little
Some cover letters contain no useful information at all and simply write a sentence or two to say "Here's my resume. Take a look at it." Your cover letter should add to the application by containing new and useful information otherwise there is no point including one.

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