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Career Advice

Former recruitment agency experts answer employment questions, candidly suggesting how to negotiate your salary, find a really good job, handle phone interviews, and more.

Sage advice like this is priceless.

Work While You Look For A Better Job

For many it can take weeks or months to land the job you want. But there are solutions for holding out for the right job while also easing the stresses of unemployment.

Temp positions can help you to bridge the gap between jobs. Consider these benefits:

Financial burdens are the most immediate impact of unemployment so it is a great benefit to be able to continue to earn a pay check while you look for work or after your unemployment benefits expires. A temp position offers a modest income while you continue seeking full-time employment.

Temp positions boost your confidence as you learn new skills and keep existing skills sharp.

Temp positions allows you to minimize gaps in employment from the time you left your last full-time position to the time you find your next one. Gaps of employment often raise red flags for employers, as they elicit questions regarding your prolonged joblessness. A temp position offers you an easy explanation for what you’ve been doing since your last job.

It allows you to test drive a company. While you temp if the company likes the work you are doing the temporary job could easily be converted to a full-time job. The temp job also offers you a preview of the company and you can decide if this is or is not the type of company you want to work for.

Temp jobs offers an opportunity to network with those within the company. If and when a permanent position comes up, you will likely be much higher on their list of prospective candidates.

Interview Preparation
Get tips on how to answer tough interview questions.

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