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Manager Interview

Questions to Ask Potential Managers

Your relationship with your manager is very important. Your career progression and even your happiness on the job is dependant on it. In fact, many people leave a position because they're unhappy with their bosses - in other words many people don't quit jobs, they quit bosses.

So how do you ensure that you and your potential boss will get along? If you ask the right questions during the jon interview you can often recognize signs about whether a particular boss will be right for you.

The Ideal Employee

Know what your potential manager expect from you is important to developing a good work relationship. So ask, "What's your ideal employee like?"

If her ideal employee works independently, rest assured that you won't be micro-managed.

If her ideal employee works long hours on a regular basis, expect to do the same.

You're likely to be happier on the job if you and your potential manager have similar working styles.

Dealing with Problems

How does a potential manager will handle potential problems?

Ask, "What's your approach to solving problems?"

This can give you insight into his management style. Does he prefer to take charge and make a decision independently? Does he delegate the decision to a staff member? Or does he favor a more collaborative style of problem solving?

The Staff

How well does your potential manager know and get along with his staff?

Ask, "Can you tell me about the people I'd be working with? How long have you worked with them?"

Does your potential boss seem to know his staff? Can he list their individual accomplishments?

Is your potential boss happy with his staff? Is he proud of them? Does he sound upbeat and positive or does he sound a bit frustrated or disappointed?

Also note how long his staff has worked with him. High turnover can be a red flag. Happy employees are less likely to quit, and a fair boss is less likely to fire people.

Results and Rewards

For your hard work to be recognized and appreciated you need to know how a potential manager defines excellence.

Ask, "How do you measure success on the job?"

Over All Impressions

How a potential manager reacts to these questions can also tell you something. Are they open to questions or defensive? Are they disinterested or evasive? etc.

Interview Advice
Get tips on how to answer tough interview questions.

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