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Personal Reference Check

Your resume got you the interview and your interviewing skills made you the hiring manager's top choice. But you have one last hurdle left: The reference check. This step in the hiring process can mean the difference between an offer and a rejection letter.

The Resume:
Don't list your references on your resume since space is at a premium. Employers will assume you can provide them upon request.

For some types of jobs you may be asked to complete a job application in which case there will be a place for including references. So, be sure to bring a list of your references. Confirm all information, such as name, title, phone number and e-mail address, before providing it to a prospective employer.

Personal Reference Check - Your Friends Are Not Your Best References:
Avoid using friends and family as references as well as people who have known you less than one year. Former managers, clients and colleagues make the best references, because they have first-hand knowledge of your job performance. If you're new to the workforce, you may want to ask a professor or teacher to serve as a reference.

Prepare Your References:
Make sure you've asked permission before listing someone as a reference and when you expect an employer to check your references, it's a good idea to call the people you've listed and forewarn them. The element of surprise will not work to your advantage. Allow them time to think about what they'll say. You can further prepare them by describing the position and pointing out your relevant experience and skills.

Check Your References Yourself"
No matter how carefully you choose your references, there's no way to guarantee what they'll say.

The best way to avoid a bad reference: Don't ask people to give references unless you're certain they'll have good things to say. However, if you suspect a reference is giving inaccurate information about you to a prospective employer, you can have a reference-checking service investigate for you.

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