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Teacher Resume Tips

A Teacher resume should be a document that proves to principals that you will be a good teacher. The strongest evidence of potential to teach well is previous experience with teaching the subject matter.

Include on your resume:
1 - Identification (your name, address, phone, and email address).
2 - Certifications
3 - Teaching Experience. Especially mention your classroom management skills or strategies you use; teaching methods you use; any experience with special needs students; interactions with parents and the community.
4. Other Related Experience. Llist paid or unpaid work where you gain experience that helps you be a better teacher. For example, camp counselor, tutor, etc.

Optional Elements:
1 - Work experience not related to teaching. This is optional since principals care mostly about your teaching experience.
2 - Honors and Activities.
3 - Special Skills.
4 - Professional Development (such as workshops or seminars that you have attended).
5 - Professional Memberships.

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