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Former recruitment agency experts answer employment questions, candidly suggesting how to negotiate your salary, find a really good job, handle phone interviews, and more.

Sage advice like this is priceless.

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Tactics to get the hiring manager's attention

So what can you do to get noticed in a tough job market? Gimmicks get
attention but don't always produce the right reaction. An assertive
professional approach may be the answer.

Let's look at this right from the beginning of the job search process. Apply
only to jobs that match your skills and experience. It should be obvious but
as any recruiter will tell you, it seems with many of the resumes they
receive the applicant did not seem to have read the description closely
since they are missing most or even all of the must-have qualifications
listed. So read the ad closely and be realistic - the more closely you
match the ad the more likely you will get a call for an interview.

Next, take a minute to write a targeted cover letter.  If you know how to
write good cover letter then you can develop one that will be easy to make
minor adjustments to each time you apply for a job so that targeting your
cover letter need not be a time consuming task.  Consider using a resume
service for help with this.

Get to know the top recruitment agencies in your area. Send your resume to
the ones that specialize in your career area.

Your most effective strategy is to apply through an internal referral. If
you know someone in that company who can make an introduction then your
resume is much more likely to get the recruiter's time and attention.  Do
you know any of the company's employees/customers/suppliers/former
employees? You won't have a referral every time, but it is worth the extra
effort to try to find one.

Finally, contact the firm and ask for the hiring manager's name and contact
number. Then consider leaving them a voice mail or email. Your message
should entice the hiring manager to pull out your resume and contact you.

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